Spread The Word

Welcome to our newly redesigned website! Spiritees Inspirational Apparel's primary goal has been to share with the masses God's Holy Word. Our approach is to share scriptures paired with current and timeless sayings that inspire a deeper desire to explore and understand the Gospel. 

Spread "THE WORD"!

As believers, we are charged to spread the Gospel (Mark 16:15). "Me?" you say? Yes, YOU! You may not hold the title of a preacher, evangelist, missionary or teacher. You may not enjoy public speaking or giving presentations at work. When describing you, your friends may not call you the outspoken one. However, your mere presence speaks in some way to those around you. You'll be amazed how impactful you can be when you "Say What's On Your Heart" without saying a word.  The sight of just a word (or two or three), kindles the embers deep within our souls. Yes, a flame of inspiration can be fueled simply by wearing a t-shirt. Whether the phrases spark a conversation or the scriptures lead another's fingers to the pages of their origin, there is power in The Word.

Join us as we spread the love in the upcoming weeks with our "LOVE SERIES" which celebrates our desire to reflect God's unwavering love for us in the lives we share with one another. Beginning in early February, seven new designs will be available for you to SPREAD THE LOVE and INSPIRE THE WORLD!

Thank you for ALL OF YOUR SUPPORT!

Sundi and Corneta