"The Word" On The Street

'THE WORD' on the street

Over the years, as our customers have consistently chosen to purchase our Spiritees Inspirational Apparel products, whether online or on-site at various vendor locations, most often a testimony accompanies their selection. We consistently hear expressions such as "That's my favorite scripture", "This one speaks to me" or "What do you have for John 3:16?" Our pairing of catchy phrases with scriptures turns frowns into smiles, gives hope and inspiration and provokes positive conversation and thoughts.


To show our appreciation, this blog will highlight Spiritees supporters as they "Say What's In Their Heart" when out and about, at work or at play. In any environment, whether encouragement was gained from seeing someone wearing a Spiritees design or if it was joy facilitated from donning one of our t-shirts themselves, it will be shared here, because there is no denying the pleasure of spreading 'The Word'!


Please enjoy our quarterly features of everyday people taking small steps to make huge statements to express that FAITH is truly a game changer.


We are honored to feature this lovely Wife and Mother of 3 from Houston, Texas. She is wearing our 'That Blood Though' tee which is supported by John 3:16.


" I love wearing 'That Blood Though' because I consider it a conversation piece. It's an opportunity for me to connect with those that are believers and those that may not be. It creates an opportunity for me to share my testimony and how awesome God is!!!"

--S.W., Houston, TX